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  • Z-East Skateboards • Self-Execute, J.K  (Pop) Deck

    Jacob Krajewski ) Medieval Series New Pro Model 

    With Random Top and Center Dyed Veneer Colors.

    Multicolor Bottom Graphic with White Top Z-Logo.


    Complete Option: Self Execute J.K (Pop) Complete

    Z-East • "Self-Execute" J.K (Pop) Deck

    • Product Details:

      Jacob's Z-Shape ( Square Rounded ) nose and tail. 

      "HELL-BENT" ( DEEP ) CONCAVE, HELLA Board Control!

      Manufactured with 7 Ply Hardrock Canadian Maple.

      Z-Endurance: Cold-Pressed Durability & Lasting Pop.

      Made in America + Shrink wrapped with Z-Sticker.

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