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  • Speedlab • Bombshells - Flo Green 57mm 99a Wheels.

    Rounded Conical Cuts with Mutipal Colored Graphics.

    Best formula in the world for Ultimate Speed & Control.

    Speedlab • Bombshells 57mm Wheels

    • Product Detail:

      99A Duro / #1 Rated Superior Grade American Urethane.

      57mm Diameter, 36mm Width, 26mm Contact Patch

      Ultimate Speed and Control.

      Made in the U.S.A.


      Exploding onto the scene in bright friggin' green, these wheels

      are fast and flashy with a highly functional profile made from the

      best formulas in the world.  Pick up a set and make others green

      with envy.  Join the #bombshellarmy today!


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