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  • Z-East - Arachnid Web, Mayham (Team) Complete.

    Includes: Jessup OG Grip Tape, Ace Classic Trucks,

    Z-E 52mm Iconic Wheels & Rolo'z Abec-9 Bearings.


    Complete Option : Arachnid Web (Pop) Complete


    Z-East - Arachnid Web (Pop) Complete

    SKU: Z-ECAWMS825-44
    $179.95 Regular Price
    $169.95Sale Price
    • Product Details:

      • Deck: Z-East American Made 7-Ply Hardrock Canadian Maple.
      • Griptape: Jessup OG Premium Silicon Carbide Griptape.
      • Trucks: Ace Classic Pure 7071 Series Aluminum Trucks.
      • Hardwear: Z-East Solids 1" Phillips Black Anodized.
      • Wheels: Z-East 101a Superior American Urethane.
      • Bearings: Rolo'z Precision Imported Bearings.



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