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Product Warranty

Warranty & Returns Policy on all Skate Components

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Z-East Skateboards (Warranty Claim)

Information collected is for verification purposes only and will not be shared or sold to any party outside of Z-East. Will not use your information in an unsolicited manner.
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 Z-East Skateboards: Warranty Policy

All Z-East Skateboard components are warranted against manufacturer defect for materials & workmanship for 90 days from purchase date.
Limited Warranty Terms & Conditions
All of the information provided is correct to your knowledge, and you do realize that improper use of this product in any way will lead to a void in the Warranty. The Limited warranty will be voided if any signs of water damage, or signs of being left in severe heat or cold due to improper storage. Never leave your items in a car or trunk for long periods of time. Improper landing is the most common way for Skateboards Deck Breakage. Note: Improper landing is not covered in any way under warranty (Land on the bolts it's simple!) 
Here is a brief overview of what we generally covered under the manufacture warranty.  Make sure to read all coverages information before submitting any Warranty Claims.
Z-East Decks

Covered by Limited Warranty:

  • Improper Shaping

  • Improper Drilling

  • Delamination

  • Warpage

Not covered by warranty:

  • Broken due to high impact or

      improper landing

  • Improper set up or maintenance

  • Stress cracks, water damage

  • Normal Wear & Tear

  • All User error

Z-East Wheels

Covered by Limited Warranty:

  • Manufacturer defects in

       materials or workmanship

Not covered by warranty:

  • Unusual flat spots

  • Normal wear 

  • Graphics  

  • Staining 

Ace Trucks

Covered by Limited Warranty:

  • Damages caused by uses other  

       then they are intended for.

  • Products damaged by or from

      normal wear and tear

  • Chipped or damaged paint due to 

       normal skateboarding

  • Lost or stolen trucks ( Seriously )

  • Lost axle nuts - It’s important to check all your hardware before you ride. Hardware wears out, nuts fall off, stuff happens. We cannot be responsible for every nut and bolt that falls off your trucks during riding

Not covered by warrant:

  • Products damaged by normal wear and tear

  • Faulty axle threads

  • Faulty Kingpin threads

  • Axles that won’t fit a normal sized 8mm bearing.

  • Bent kingpins (on new trucks only)

  • Bent hangers

  • Baseplates with loose kingpins

  • Faulty bushings that are in new condition

  • Missing or faulty pivot cup



Hardware, Risers, Rails & Parts

Covered by Limited Warranty:

  • Manufacturer defect in materials or workmanship

  • Missing parts at point of purchase

Not covered by warranty:

  • Improper installation or use

  • Normal wear & tear



Covered by Limited Warranty:

  • Manufacturer defect in materials or workmanship

  • Failure of ball bearing cage, balls or races

Not covered by warranty:

  • Failure due to improper maintenance or cleaning
  • Bent shields or failure from improper installation
  • Water damage or rust from elements

Grip Tape

Covered by Limited Warranty:

  • Adhesive failure

  • Grit separation

Not covered by warranty:

  • Water / dirt damage

  • Normal wear & tear

To submit a legitimate warranty claim, fill out the attached Claim Form.  After submitting your form: Z-East will review the claim and usually email you back within 48hrs of the claim date. If your clam looks viable Z-East will then give you the next steps needed to go forward with your claim. You will then be asked for any associated images to determine whether you need to send the product in for further inspection, proof of purchase will be required. We will make every effort to process your warranty claim within a reasonable time frame. Our Warranty Staff is generally available most weekdays Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm EST.  All Approved claims are at the sole discretion of our Staff. Our true intent is to honor all legitimate claims and replace any defective products if found. We do skate our products so definitely stand behind them!

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