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  • Speedlab • Outlaw ( All-Terrain ) 60mm 97a Wheels.

    Rounded Conical Cuts with Mutipal Colored Graphics.

    Best formula in the world for Ultimate Speed & Control.

    Speedlab • Outlaw 60mm Wheels

    • Product Detail:

      97A Duro / #1 Rated Superior Grade American Urethane.

      60mm Diameter, 36mm Width, 23.5mm Contact Patch

      Ultimate Speed and Control.

      Made in the U.S.A.


      Introducing the Outlaw 60mm/97A wheel.  The Outlaw wheel uses our tried & true 97A formula.  This makes the Outlaw great for ATW (All-Terrain Wheel) which is great for everything from curbs & street to transition and all surfaces from rough to slick & smooth.  Rounded conical cuts on each side to provide a highly functional profile & shape made from the best formulas in the world for ultimate speed & control.  ( Artwork by Alex Hagen. )

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